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Welcome from the Scientific Director

Dear Friends:

CIBERESP, Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Epidemiología y Salud Pública (CIBER of Epidemiology and Public Health), is a center of excellence in epidemiological investigation, in which professionals from the academic field, public administrations and research centers collaborate to provide updated information on the health situation in our context, the major biological, environmental and social determinants involved in the most frequent diseases and the study of inequalities.

Our mission is to generate relevant knowledge for decision making, with preventive views, both disease and its consequences. We are organized in 7 scientific programs that address the main chronic diseases (Program 1), surveillance and control of communicable diseases (Program 2), health situation and its determinants in especially vulnerable population (Program3), social determinants of health (Program 4), the environmental and labor risk factors (Program 5), the evaluation of health services (Program 6) and the epidemiological contribution in decision-making in clinical practice (Program 7).

CIBERESP groups have managed to start and maintain large collaborative studies that allow investigating the influence of a multitude of exposures and risk factors throughout life. These cohort and case-control studies provide real research platforms. I invite readers to consult the Programs and Subprograms that show our research activity. In addition, within the network exists informational systems about health population that are essential for sanitary planification. Although, the responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of this information systems lies on the Health Administrations, CIBERESP collaborates with the use of the information collected to provide new knowledge about the health situation, its temporal evolution, vulnerable groups detection through the study of inequalities and the possible evaluation of health policies. 

In CIBERESP we believe in collaborative research and the possibility of improving health among the population within the knowledge we generate. The involvement of public administration groups within the network connects research with the agents involved in the action.

The great adherent from our rich and heterogeneous network is the public health vision and direct commitment to the society on which we investigate.

Best regards,

Marina Pollán Santamaría

Scientific Director of the CIBERESP