Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Aid for short internships abroad to study a doctorate with international mention

As part of its training plan, CIBERESP awards aid for short internships abroad annually. They are intended for doctorate students contracted by or associated with CIBERESP research groups who wish to obtain a European mention in their PhD title and can participate in an internship of at least 3 months in prestigious international research centres.

The maximum amount of aid is 3,000€ intended for covering the travel expenses, accommodation expenses, accident and healthcare insurance, living expenses and other similar duly justified expenses related directly to the internship in the international research centre.

In order to benefit from this aid, the students must not be bound by an FPI contract or any other scholarship or pre-doctoral aid, including complementary funding for internships abroad. At the same time, if the candidate has previously applied for, but not been awarded, any aid similar to that included in this call for proposal then this will be positively valued.

When the student has completed their internship they should submit a final report documenting, among other important aspects, the work plan carried out the results gained from the internship. The aid awarded by CIBERESP should be recognised in the final dissertation paper.

The internships must taken place in the same year that they are awarded.

The applications must conform strictly to the corresponding application forms. The applications and the rest of the additional documentation should be sent by email to: indicating "DE14" followed by the candidate’s name in the subject of the email.